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ADHD and Vitamin Deficiency Test 

Is your child suffering from ADHD symptoms?
Would you like answers to why your child cannot focus?
Do you wonder if a vitamin deficiency can be contributing to their ADHD symptoms?
Are you an adult with ADHD symptoms and want to learn which vitamins may help you focus and think clearer? Does your school age child want to stay home and avoid school?

Vitamin deficiency can lead to a wide range of Sad and Lonelysymptoms that may be contributing to symptoms of poor focus and ADHD.

Other symptoms are: Autism, Alzheimer’s, behavior issues, low grades, anxiety, depression, feeling blue, fatigue and more.

Specific Vitamin Testing for ADHD (Attention Deficit) Symptoms
  • Vitamin B1: reduced cognitive ability, poor focus, fatigue
  • Vitamin B3: confusion, anxiety, fatigue
  • Vitamin B6: depression, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, fatigue, low serotonin
  • Vitamin B12: fatigue, depression, brain fog, poor memory
  • Biotin: depression, nervous system issues
  • Folate: fatigue, hyperactivity
  • Pantothenate: stress, fatigue
  • Vitamin Vitamin C : irritability, depression
  • Antioxidant Status – oxidative stress is high in ADHD,  glutatione is usually deficient.
  • Choline: Precursor to neurotransmitter achetylcholine. It is needed for memory,  focus and muscle control (hyperactivity)
  • Glutatmine: Precursor for calming neurotransmitter GABA which is needed for a good mood, focus and reducing hyperactivity. Also important to prevent or support leaky gut which makes ADHD worse.
  • Serine: supports proper dopamine levels which supports focus and  a good mood
  • Magnesium: deficiency can cause non optimal function in neurotransmitters that are needed for emotions, social reactions, hyperactivity and attention
  • Zinc: Cofactor for dopamine synthesis. Important for a good mood and good concentration in ADHD. Low zinc lowers melatonin and serotonin production which affect information processing, sleep and behavior.
  • Carnitine: Can reduces hyperactivity and enhance social behavior in people with ADHD. It helps with fatty acid metabolism.
  • EPA: Can significantly improve memory,focus, cognitive skills and  has antidepressant effects
  • DHA: Can improve cognitive function, focus, mood and memory. May protect brain tissue from neurotoxins.  DHA enhances serotonin which is needed for a good, happy mood.
  • MTHFR – deficiencies can be linked to ADHD symptoms
  • ADHDSpectracellPagePhotoWe can help turn your child’s frown into a happy face! We can provide you with a clear plan to help improve focus and attention.

For ADHD, focus and mood support, please consider our Vitamin / Mineral blood test PLUS the MTHFR Test.






Vitamin Testing for ADHD / Attention Deficit relief can be helpful in identifying deficiencies that are present. Then we provide you with a plan to help improve symptoms.

We offer functional lab testing, in office and phone appointments to help you or your child focus and think clearer. Contact us for more information. 678-372-2913

Easy Sample Collection / Results in 4 weeks.

  • Once an order is placed we mail you a test kit right away. We also provide you with the name and address of a lab near you to perform the blood draw. Blood draw fees are usually $25 paid to the lab.
  • Results will be mailed to you in about 4 weeks – they will include a comprehensive explanation of your specific vitamin, mineral deficiency and the best protocol for you.
  • If you have questions, call or email our office – / 678-372-2913

FACTS taken from “Nutrient Correlation Wheels, Deficiencies Correlated with Disease Conditions” by Spectracell Labs. Advanced Clinical Testing.

Medical Disclaimer This information is provided to you as an education guide, not to diagnose, cure or treat any medical condition.