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Do you start to make plans and have to cancel them due to a migraine headache?
Are migraine headaches effecting your relationships?
Are migraine headaches getting in the way of work?
Would you like a vitamin solution to the problem of migraine headaches?

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Frequent Migraine Headaches can be caused by a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are needed at optimal levels to support good health and reduction in headache pain and support better circulation.

Migraine Headache and Vitamin Deficiency Testing
Vitamin B3:
Dilates blood vessels, raises neurotransmitter serotonin which is a good mood nutrient.
Vitamin B2: Helpful in preventing migraines. Helps mitochondrial energy metabolism
Vitamin B12: B12  reduces nitric oxide, which can cause migraine headaches.
CoQ10: Helps with energy production via mitochondrial metabolism, May be preventive in migraine headaches
Vitamin D and Calcium: Benefits occur when both are used.
Magnesium: Very effective for headache and migraine prevention. Deficiency can lead to arterial spasms. Important in neurotansmitter health.
Glutathione: Low levels increase oxidative stress which can increase migraine headaches.
Folate: MTHFR gene is linked to migraines and headaches.
Vitamin C: Supportive of neurological tissue health. Can reduce frequency of headaches.
Lipoic Acid: Encourages mitochondrial energy metabolism
Carnitine: Has a role in mitochondrial energy metabolism. If low can cause headaches.
MTHFR: when suffering from migraine headaches please consider both Vitamin / Mineral testing and MTHFR testing.



Take the guess work out of what you need.  We provide you with answers and a plan of support. Only take the vitamins your body actually needs.

We offer functional lab testing, in office and phone appointments to help you feel your best. Please consider a 1 hour phone appointment after you receive your lab test back so we can further assist you. We can do any comprehensive functional lab test to get you the answers you need to feel fantastic again.

Easy Sample Collection / Results in 4 weeks.

  • Once a test kit is ordered we mail you a kit right away.
  • We will provide you with the name and address of a lab near you to perform the blood draw.  Blood draw fees are usually $25 paid to the lab.
  • Results will be mailed to you in about 4 weeks – they will include a comprehensive explanation of your specific vitamin, mineral deficiency and the best protocol for you.
  • If you have questions, call or email our office – / 678-372-2913

FACTS taken from “Nutrient Correlation Wheels, Deficiencies Correlated with Disease Conditions” by Spectracell Labs. Advanced Clinical Testing.