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Are you suffering from Diabetes or Hypoglycemia?
Are you wanting to know exactly which vitamin and mineral deficiency may be contributing to blood sugar challenges?

Would you like a clear plan with professional grade vitamins and minerals to support optimal health and wellness?

Diabetes and Vitamin Deficiency Testing can be life changing.


Diabetes Supportive Vitamins and Minerals
Chromium: Supportive in helping insulin attach to the cell’s receptors which increases glucose uptake into cell. Deficiency is linked to  insulin resistance. Can be beneficial in  Type II Diabetes.
Biotin: Stimulates glucose-induced insulin secretion in pancreatic B cells. High dose biotin can improve glycemic control in diabetes.
Magnesium: A deficiency lessens sensitivity to insulin . Low magnesium can lead to or worsen food ulcers in diabetes
Zinc: Needed in all areas of  insulin. Protects pancreatic B-cells from being damaged.
Lipoic Acid: Supports glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue, betters glucose tolerance in Type 2 Diabetes. Helpful when there is  diabetic neuropathy
Glutathione / Cysteine: When there is oxidative stress, it helps to protect B cells.
CoQ10: Can protect the kidneys from damage caused from diabetes. Helps improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetes
Glutamine: Important in regulation of insulin secretion after meals.
Carnitine: Helpful when there is pain from diabetic neuropathy. Increases glucose uptake and storage – helpful with insulin.
Inositol: Helpful with diabetic neuropathy
Vitamin C: Can lower Hemoglobin A1C and glucose levels in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
Vitamin E: When there is oxidative stress, it helps provides diabetes protection by protecting pancreatic B cells from being damaged.  Prevention in the progression of of Type 1 diabetes
Vitamin D: Important to reduce levels of both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Reduces  pancreatic B cells inflammation.
Vitamin B3: Preserves B cell function in type 1 diabetes. Helpful with facilitating insulin binding.
Vitamin B12: Metformin depletes b12.

Note: do not stop any diabetes medication w/o consulting your doctor




Take the guess work out of what you need. Vitamin Deficiencies contributing to Diabetes can be easily supported  by learning EXACTLY what nutrients your body TRULY needs.

Easy Sample Collection / Results in 4 weeks.

  • Once an order is placed, we mail you a test kit right away. We will provide you with the name and address of a local lab to draw the blood. Blood draw fees are usually $25 paid to the lab.
  • Comprehensive test results are mailed to you in about 4 weeks – they will include a detailed explanation of your specific vitamin, mineral deficiency plus a plan to support better health and wellness.
  • If you have questions, call or email our office – / 678-372-2913

Nutritionally Yours offers functional lab testing, plus in office and phone consultations to help you feel fantastic again! Proper diet and lifestyle are important when Diabetes is present.

FACTS taken from “Nutrient Correlation Wheels, Deficiencies Correlated with Disease Conditions” by Spectracell Lab

Medical Disclaimer Note:  This information is provided to you as an education guide, not to diagnose, cure or treat any medical condition.